Excel Tools

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VBA Time Saver Kit

VBA Time Saver KitThe VBA Time Saver Kit is a bundle of code modules designed to help you in your every day VBA tasks. Including code modules for Performance, Regex, Timers, Strings and more!

VBA Web Scraping Kit

VBA Web Scraping KitThe VBA Web Scraping Kit is the ideal kit for beginner and the more advanced Web Scrapers who prefer Excel/VBA as the go to tool for their Web Scraping jobs. Complete with several out of the box examples for popular use cases.

VBA Compiler (to VB.NET)

VBA CompilerThe VBA Compiler let’s you easily compile your VBA code to COM visible VB.NET dlls that can be used directly from VBA! Get the most performance out of your VBA code or use it across different platform.

VBA Multithreading Tool

Mulithreading VBA: Mulithread Excel running in parallel Thought VBA multithreading was not possible? Think again, as the VBA Multithreading Tool can let you mulithread almost any VBA macro to utilize those additional cores!

Excel Scrape HTML AddIn

Excel Scrape HTML AddInThe Excel Scrape HTML AddIn is an advanced Add-In which allows you to easily scrape HTML content from almost any web page without needing to write a single line of VBA code.

Excel SQL AddIn

sql addinUse the Excel SQL Add-In to easily create MS Queries (SQL) directly in Excel. Excel natively supports SQL queries and the AddIn simply facilitates the process of creating them. Download data from external files or databases, merge worksheets and so much more!

Excel Google Charts Tool

Google GeochartTired of boring old Excel charts. The Excel Google Charts Tool is the right tool for you. A workbook with embedded live interactive examples of Googles Charts based on Excel data.

Excel Optimizer

Excel OptimizerThe Excel Optimizer is a simple, but powerful AddIn to find quick wins in identifying reasons for why your Excel workbook might be working so slow.

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