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Automate Excel: VBA Code Library

Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) is quite easy to master. The ability to automate your Excel, Access, PowerPoint or Outlook programs can give you lots of time back. If you are entirely new to programming I recommend below a few links and assets that can get you started. It is always a good choice to start with the VBA Tutorial. Learn about the Developer ribbon and how to run your first macro. Once you get the hand of it, you will see yourself looking for more advanced capabilities. That is where the VBA Cheatsheet will turn out to be useful. One a single page navigate many different articles. If you are tired of having to write the same code many times look towards the VBA Time Saver.

Automate Excel – VBA Tutorial

Automate Excel Tutorial
Want to learn VBA to Automate Excel? If you are new to Visual Basic for Applications I recommend you start from the basics and build your by following my VBA Tutorial.

Automate Excel – Cheat sheet

VBA Cheatsheet
Tired of search for examples of how to write a ‘For Loop’ or how to use ‘Switch Case’ and other

. The Cheatsheet is a easy to navigate collection of various VBA code articles you can leverage to achieve various use cases. If also goes into advanced scripts such a ProgressBars, Web Scraping, Regular Expressions, Data structures like Dictionaries or navigating/traversing different data types like XML or CSV.

Automate Excel – VBA Time Saver

vba time saver
Looking for a library of ready VBA code snippets for various Excel macro scenarios?

The VBA Time Saver is a downloadable collection of frequently used code snippets you can attach to your projects as modules (BAS files) or copy paste from them directly into your scripts. It is built basis hundred of articles written on AnalystCave to simply things like writing/reading from files, manipulating arrays and more.