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Microsoft Excel Shortcut Keys

Below are common used Microsoft Excel Shortcut Keys grouped for depending on usage – from Excel Workbook shortcuts to VBA Macro Excel Shortcuts. Use the Table of Contents on the right to navigate.

Excel Workbook Shortcuts

Shortcuts Description
Create a new Workbook Ctrl+N
Save the Active Workbook Ctrl+S
Save As option for Active Workbook F12
Open a Workbook Ctrl+O
Close the Active Workbook Ctrl+W
Close current Window Ctrl+F4
Exit Excel Alt+F4
Previous Workbook Ctrl+Shift+Tab
Next Workbook Ctrl+F6
Recalculate all open Workbooks F9
Creates Names using either row or column labels Ctrl+Shift+F3
Move to the next pane F6
Move to previous pane Shift+F6
Move the Window Ctrl+F7
Open Help menu F1
Spell check selected text / Active Workbook F7
Restore Window size Ctrl+F5
Resize the Window Ctrl+F8
Minimize current Window Ctrl+F9
Maximize current Window Ctrl+F10

Excel Worksheet Shortcuts

Shortcuts Description
Creates a new Worksheet Alt+Shift+F1
Previous Worksheet Ctrl+Pg Dn
Next Worksheet Ctrl+Pg Up
Save the current Worksheet Alt+Shift+F2
Edit the selected cell F2
Edit comment on selected cell Shift+F2
Go to specific cell F5
Print Activesheet Ctrl+P
Open Excel Name Manager Ctrl+F3
Paste Name of created Named Range F3
Add to selection Shift+F8
Calculate Activesheet Shift+F9
Select all cells above selected Shift+Page Up
Select all cells below selected Shift+Page Down
Select all text to left of cursor Shift+Home
Select all text to right of cursor Shift+End
Select up one cell Shift+Up Arrow
Select down one cell Shift+Down Arrow
Select left by one character Shift+Left Arrow
Select right by one character Shift+Right Arrow
Newline in cell Alt+Enter

Copy/Paste, Find/Replace, Undo/Repeat

Shortcuts Description
Copy selected cells Ctrl+C
Find Ctrl+F
Find and Replace Ctrl+H
Paste Ctrl+V
Cut Ctrl+X
Repeat Ctrl+Y
Undo Ctrl+Z
Copy formula from cell above Ctrl+'
Copy value from cell above Ctrl+Shift+"
Paste clipboard Shift+Insert
Repeat last action (formatting included) F4
Enter Extend Mode F8


Open Format settings Ctrl+1
Bold selected cells Ctrl+B
Italic selected cells Ctrl+I
Underline selected cells Ctrl+U
Strikethrough selected cells Ctrl+5
Insert hyperlink Ctrl+K
Underline selected cells Ctrl+U
Apply comma formatting Ctrl+Shift+!
Apply currency formatting Ctrl+Shift+$
Apply date formatting Ctrl+Shift+#
Apply percentage formatting Ctrl+Shift+%
Apply exponential formatting Ctrl+Shift+^
Border selected cells Ctrl+Shift+&
Remove border Ctrl+Shift+_
Change Font Family Ctrl+Shift+F
Change Font Size Ctrl+Shift+P

Selecting / Moving

Select Used Range of Active Worksheet Ctrl+A
Go to a certain cell/address Ctrl+G
Move to A1 Ctrl+Home
Move to last cell on Active Worksheet Ctrl+End
Switch between open Excel files Ctrl+Tab
Select array containing active cell (array formular) Ctrl+/
Select cells with static value in selection Ctrl+\
Select cells referenced by formula in selection Ctrl+[
Select cells referencing Active cell Ctrl+]
Select cells referenced selection Ctrl+Shift+{
Select cells which contain formulas that directly or indirectly reference the active cell Ctrl+Shift+}
Select cells in column not matching formula or value in Active cell Ctrl+Shift+|
Select entire Column Ctrl+Spacebar
Select entire Worksheet Ctrl+Shift+Spacebar
Select cells containing comments Ctrl+Shift+O

Data & Formulas

Enter current time Ctrl+Shift+:
Enter current date Ctrl+;
Insert argument names into a formula Ctrl+Shift+A
Create formula to sum all of the above cells Alt+=
Create chart from selected data F11
Open the “What’s This?” window Shift+F1
Open the Excel formula window Shift+F3
Insert chart Alt+F1

VBA/Macro Shortcuts

Shortcuts Description
Open the VBA Editor Alt+F11
Run your Sub/UserForm F5
Step into (run line by line) F8
Break code Ctrl+Break
Autocomplete / Intellisense drop-down Ctrl+Space
Delete current line of code Ctrl+y
Get screentip for current function Ctrl+i
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Excel Key Tricks

Microsoft Excel Shortcut Key are very useful in saving you time to switch from your keboard to your mouse. Here are some of my favorite Excel Key tricks:

Quickly Navigating Excel Keys

Moving around your Excel Worksheet is one of the most important skills, saving you lots of mouse-time. Below are some of the key ones:
Move Excel Shortcuts
Hope this was useful!