The primary aim of is to help you Learn VBA for Excel. Visual Basic for Applications is a powerful tool to help you Excel at automation and helps make your office life easier. Excel is a great tool, however, VBA enables you to do so much more…automate your daily spreadsheet tasks, build complex models and more. Where to start?

Excel VBA Tutorial – Learn VBA step by step

Automate Excel Tutorial
Learn to program in Visual Basic for Applications (for Office – Excel, Access etc.).

This tutorial covers everything starting from setting yourself up in the VBE environment. You will see how useful recording macros can be on your way to getting more comfortable with VBA. Next we will understand how to professionally debug your VBA Macros.
The course covers next the other basics of VBA such as variables and data types, loops (For, While, Do…While, procedures and functions, conditional statements (If, And, Or). It ends with showing you how to apply VBA specifically to Excel spreadsheets – learning the VBA Range object and even how to create your own UserForms!

VBA Cheatsheet – I want to learn everything about VBA…

vba tutorial
Want an easy reference cheat sheet for everything VBA? The VBA Cheatsheet is a an overview of a variety of ready VBA automation scripts including a VBA functions reference of available functions in VBA. It contains basics as well as very advanced references e.g. RegEx, downloading files and more!

VBA Time Saver – Download a complete VBA code snippets libary…

VBA Time Saver Kit
The VBA Time Saver is a collection of most useful VBA scripts from AnalystCave to learn Excel VBA, grouped into code modules. It makes everyday life as a VBA developer easier allowing you to quickly find a ready code snippet in your Visual Basic automations.

The VBA Time Saver contains snippets for:

  • Basic code examples for loops, conditional statements etc.
  • VBA Arrays
  • VBA Dialogs for files
  • VBA File open, read, write etc.
  • String manipulation, Regular Expressions
  • Progress Bar
  • Timers
  • Validation
  • More…

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