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Top 3 Excel VBA Video Courses | VBA Video Tutorials

There are many ways to learn Excel VBA depending on your preffered medium. My own Excel VBA Tutorial has it benefits of being flush with easy to copy / paste examples. If you prefer offline mediums such as books do check out my Top 3 Recommended Excel VBA Books. Below I wanted to complete my quest to encourage people to learn macros by sharing my list of Top 3 Excel VBA Online Video Courses.

I want to give you several options so I listed a few commercial as well as free options.

An experienced VBA user? What to learn more cool VBA tricks? I recommend instead look at my VBA Cheatsheet

#1 Udemy’s top rated Excel VBA Course

excel vba video course
Udemy.com is a great place which brings together students with experienced tutors. The thing I like about Udemy is it provides usually high quality material and allows only users which bought the course assess it.

The Excel VBA – The Complete Excel VBA Course for Beginners is one of the top rated Excel VBA beginner courses, and having reviewed available samples I am not suprised. The author Alan Murray has said to been training people to use Excel for over 15 years.

Pros and Cons

  • Comprehensive – all knowledge needed to master VBA basics
  • Good quality recording videos
  • Not free

#2 Youtube Excel VBA Tutorial

excel vba help
There is almost nothing today you won’t find on Youtube.com today. Albeit the abundance videos here are often of slightly less quality then on Udemy.com. However, in my review through the vast resources of videos, looking for a comprehensive beginner VBA tutorial I went across this users page. The author of ExcelVBAHelp did a pretty good job of an easy to access playlist of VBA Tutorial videos.

Pros and Cons

  • Free
  • A 14hrs abundance of videos on VBA
  • Recording quality could be better

#3 Leila Gharani’s Unlock Excel VBA and Excel Macros Course

unlock excel vbaLastly another course from Udemy.com, however this time from Microsoft MVP Leila Gharani. Her Unlock Excel VBA and Excel Macros is over 22 hrs of Excel VBA Video material to help you master VBA. Videos are well recorded with visualization of keystrokes and overlayed with Leila speaking which makes her videos more personal and fun to watch.

Only reason I put her course as #3 is due to price… although for the higher prices comes more material and quality.

Pros and Cons

  • High quality recordings
  • A 22hrs abundance of videos on VBA
  • More expensive than #1