VBA Time Saver Kit

VBA Time Saver Kit – code snippets & VBA reference

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Ever got stuck trying to remind yourself what was the name of that VBA function? Googling again for a commonly used VBA code snippet? Struggling to remember the syntax of the Do Until loop or Select Case conditional statements? The VBA Time Saver Kit is just what most VBA beginner and advanced developers needs.


What it contains

VBA Time Saver KitThe VBA Time Saver Kit is a need-to-have kit for beginner and advanced VBA coders. It makes your life easier as a VBA developer and makes it the first place to go for VBA code snippets and examples.

vba code snippetsA rich collection of ready VBA Code Snippets – each with a ready-to-run example
vba functions referenceA VBA Reference of 50 links to VBA native functions sorted into 4 basic categories: Conversion, Date, File and String Functions. Basic examples of creating loops, conditional statements and a list of basic VBA Data Types

vba code modules
Over 11 Code Modules with Code Snippets you use on a Daily Basis. Each Code Module has been separated to allow you to import it (*.bas files) to your project at ease.

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Who will find it useful?

The VBA Time Saver Kit is dedicated equally to VBA Beginners (easy VBA Function reference, code examples) as well as Advanced VBA Coders (ready useful code snippets).

vba studentVBA Beginners will find the VBA Time Saver Kit especially useful when trying to reference available VBA Functions. The Kit groups most available VBA Functions into 4 categories: Dates, Strings, Files and Conversions – all linking out to function definitions here at AnalystCave. It contains ready easy to reference examples of VBA Loops and Conditional statements.

vba proAdvanced VBA codes will appreciate the collection of VBA time saving code modules, often complex functions that prove useful during mundane coding tasks. Cool examples include an advanced progress bar (userform), functions for measuring code execution (up to milliseconds), creating arrays from strings and even a function allowing you to create an additional VBA thread!

  • Due to difference between Mac OS and Windows, several scripts may not work on Mac OS
  • Please be aware some Antivirus (at least Avast, ClamAV and Rising) software may incorrectly assess that the Kit contains a Virus. Apparently this is due to some incorrect pattern that considers some VBA code as a potential threat. If you get a notification like this please reach out to me directly at analystcave(at)gmail.com to receive the Kit in another format.

Download the VBA Time Saver Kit

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Having issues with purchasing/downloading the kit? Write directly to me at analystcave(at)gmail.com!