VBA WeekdayName

WeekdayName Function Description

The VBA WeekdayName function returns a string representing the day of the week for given a number ranging from 1 to 7.

VBA WeekdayName Syntax

The syntax for the WeekdayName function in VBA is:

WeekdayName( number, [abbreviate], [firstdayofweek] )


A value ranging from 1 to 7 for which the weekday name is to be returned.

Optional. Boolean value. If true, the weekday name will be abbreviated. If false the weekday name will not be abbreviated.

Optional. Determines what is the first day of the week for this function. Default value is Monday. This can be any of the following values:

VBA Constant Value Description
vbUseSystem 0 Use the system settings (default)
vbSunday 1 Sunday
vbMonday 2 Monday
vbTuesday 3 Tuesday
vbWednesday 4 Wednesday
vbThursday 5 Thursday
vbFriday 6 Friday
vbSaturday 7 Saturday

Example usage

The WeekdayName function can be used in VBA code. Let’s look at some VBA WeekdayName function examples:

WeekdayName 1
'Result: Monday

WeekdayName 2
'Result: Tuesday

WeekdayName 2, False
'Result: Tuesday

WeekdayName 1, True
'Result: Mon

WeekdayName 1, True, vbSunday
'Result: Sun