VBA Weekday

Weekday Function Description

The VBA Weekday function returns a number representing the day of the week for a provided date.

VBA Weekday Syntax

The syntax for the Weekday function in VBA is:

Weekday( date, [firstdayofweek] )


The date for which the weekday is to be returned. This can be a date variable or string representing a date.

Optional. Determines what is the first day of the week for this function. Default value is Monday. This can be any of the following values:

VBA Constant Value Description
vbUseSystem 0 Use the system settings (default)
vbSunday 1 Sunday
vbMonday 2 Monday
vbTuesday 3 Tuesday
vbWednesday 4 Wednesday
vbThursday 5 Thursday
vbFriday 6 Friday
vbSaturday 7 Saturday

Example Usage

The Weekday function can be used in VBA code. Let’s look at some VBA Weekday function examples:

Weekday "2016-01-01" 'This was a Friday
'Result: 5

Weekday "#2/1/2015#" 'This was a Monday
'Result: 1

Dim d as Date
d = #2/1/2015#
Debug.Print Weekday(d)
'Result: 1