Excel Pivot Table Tabular layout

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Pivot Tables are a fantastic tool for slicing and dicing data. Sometimes, however, you need to spend quite a lot of time to achieve the right layout for your data. Today a short tutorial on how to achieve a pure pivot table tabular layout. Enjoy.

Tabular Form vs Compact Form

Let’s assume we have a table of data as such:
When creating a standard Pivot Table rows get appear in a treelike layout called the Compact Form as show below:
compact layout
What we want hover is some thing more like this in something called a Tabular Form:

Pivot Table Tabular Form

Below a short video tutorial of how to properly configure a Pivot Table to achieve a pure Tabular layout.

Video Tutorial

Step by step tutorial

Create a Pivot Table

  • Select all your data (CTRL + A)
  • Go to INSERT and select PivotTable

Select Tabular Form

  • Click on the Pivot Table and go to DESIGN
  • Select from Report Layout the option Show in Tabular Form

Remove subtotals for a pure Tabular layout

Repeat this step for each Subtotal row:

  • Click on the Subtotal DESIGN
  • Deselect Subtotal "ROW NAME"