VBA GetSpecialFolder

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The FileSystemObject VBA GetSpecialFolder function returns the path to the specified special folder (Windows, System or Temporary folder).
This function is especially useful if you are looking for a directory to create temporary processing files to avoid creating junk files in default user folders.

VBA GetSpecialFolder Syntax

One of 3 values (constants):

Folder Value Description
WindowsFolder 0 Windows folder usually “C:\Windows”
SystemFolder 1 System folder usually containing libraries, fonts, device drivers this is usually “C:\Windows\System32”
TemporaryFolder 2 Temporary user folder. This is usually “C:\Users\user name\AppData\Local\Temp”

In case you have not referenced Microsoft Scripting Runtime library in VBA Project use 0-2 values instead.

VBA GetSpecialFolder Examples

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