VBA GetDrive

The FileSystemObject VBA GetDrive returns a Drive object based on the specified.

VBA GetDrive Syntax

fso.GetDrive( path )

A path that you want to convert to unambiguous file and folder.

VBA GetDrive Examples

Set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
Set d = fso.GetDrive("C:")

'Now you can use the Drive object to get drive properties such as below
Debug.Print d.AvailableSpace 'Available space on drive
Debug.Print d.DriveLetter 'Result: "C:"
Debug.Print d.DriveType 
Debug.Print d.FileSystem
Debug.Print d.FreeSpace
Debug.Print d.IsReady
Debug.Print d.RootFolder
Debug.Print d.SerialNumber
Debug.Print d.ShareName
Debug.Print d.TotalSize
Debug.Print d.VolumeName