word vba tutorial

Word VBA Tutorial

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Welcome to the Word VBA Tutorial. VBA is a great tool not only to be leveraged in MS Excel. Often it is worth to save some time doing repeatable tasks by adopting some VBA macros in Word or PowerPoint too. Today I wanted to focus a little bit on starting you off in Word VBA macro programming.

vba word tutorialWhen moving to macro programming in Word VBA you will stumble upon issues you would normally not expect in Excel. Lets take the example of moving around the Word file – in Excel you have spreadsheets which are easy to navigate around. In Word, however, you have a lot of different content e.g. text, objects like images and charts, tables etc. Navigating around Word file in VBA is the greatest challenge you will face. Today I would like to focus on that and other frequently used features in Word VBA. So let’s kick off this Word VBA Tutorial.


WordVBA – navigating around Word documents, formatting etc.

word vba
Navigating / Moving
word vba
Text formatting
word vba

VBA Word Navigating

Let’s start with adding content to the most common places the start and end of a Word document in VBA. Know if you Google for this you will get tons of non-sense methods of navigating around Word files. I was truly amazed at how poorly it is documented.

Beginning and End of the Word Document

Go to the Beginning of a Word Document:

Go to the End of a Word Document:

Finding and replacing text in a Word Document with VBA

Finding and replacing text are basic functions that you will probably need to leverage every now and then.

VBA Word Text formatting

One of the first things you would want to do is probably text formatting in Word VBA.

Let’s start by adding some text to our document:

Bold & Italic

To change the font weight to bold see below:

To change the text decoration to italic see below:

Below the final result of the code above:

Word VBA Tutorial: Bold and Italic
The result: Bold and Italic

Font size and name

Using the “Hello World!” example above we can similarly change the text font name and font size as shown below:

VBA Word Tables

When editing Word files you might want to leverage tables as it is much easier to navigate around them in an automated way. My approach is to insert/modify tables in Word without and borders (invisible). This way you can guarantee a consistent and easy to navigate structure in Word. Let’s go through some of the basic functions around tables.

Add a table

Let’s add a table to the beginning of the Word document:

Edit cell text

Working on rows and columns

Formatting borders

In progress…