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Like VBA? You will love HTA! (HTA example using VBS)

Comfortable with VBA? Your clients/users need VBA solutions but want them to be lightweight GUI, not cumbersome Excel Workbooks with Macro restrictions? Well why not try HTML Application (HTA)? What’s HTA? It’s a simple HTML application embedded with Visual Basic script or Javascript, or even both if needed! Don’t see the opportunities yet? Imagine a […]

vba multithreading tool
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Excel VBA Multithreading Tool

The VBA Multithreading Tool, from AnalystCave.com, is a free and open source tool (VBA) for enhancing your VBA Project with Mulithreading capabilities. It was designed to make VBA multithreading quick an easy and to minimize the complexity of your VBA code. VBA is natively singlethreaded hence will utilize only a single logical processor core. Why […]