VBA Array Function

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The Excel VBA Array function creates a Variant VBA Array from a list of comma-delimited values. In case no values are provided a zero-length VBA Array is created.

VBA Array Function Syntax

The syntax for the Array function in VBA is:
function examples:

where Value can be any type of variable or constant i.e. Variant type (any type). Due to this nature you can initiate a VBA Array using above function even with variables of different types see below example of an array initiated with numbers, strings and dates:
VBA Array function example

Get length or extend your VBA Array

To see more tips and trick with VBA Arrays see my tutorial otherwise below a few basic tips for usage:

Example usage create a VBA Array

Below are examples of the VBA Array function usage:

VBA Array from string values

Above example can be simplified using the VBA Split function to omit the additional parentheses:

Split is even better for strings as you can use a different splitter:

VBA Array or numbers

Below a simple example of an array of numbers:

VBA Array or Arrays

Similarly you can use the function to create other types of arrays, even a VBA Array of Arrays i.e. 2 dimensional array:

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