VBA Tutorials

Excel VBA Tutorial

excel vba tutorialThe ultimate Excel VBA Tutorial. Learn VBA with this step by step easy VBA Tutorial. Master:

  • Macro Recording
  • Loops
  • Conditional statements
  • Macro Debugging
  • Excel Ranges, Worksheets and Workbooks
  • MessageBoxes and UserForms
  • and more!

Word VBA Tutorial

word vba tutorialAn easy Word VBA Tutorial. Learn:

  • How to navigate through Word Documents
  • Text formatting
  • Word Tables – creating, editing etc.

Web Scraping Tutorial (with VBA)

web scrapingAn end to end Web Scraping Tutorial. Learn how to scrape HTML data from any Web Page. Starting from the basics of Web Scraping, ending with advanced tools such as Selenium or Scrapy. This tutorial focuses on teaching you the basics of scraping Web Data. It features also the VBA Web Scraping Kit.

Excel Regex Tutorial

excel regex tutorialThe ultimate Excel Regex Tutorial. Regular Expressions are ubiquitous in the programming world, used for extracting strings from text, string validation and other uses. Learn the wondrous things you can do in VBA using Regular Expressions.

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