VLOOKUP in UserForm

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Reinell Raul Rojas Hernandez asked

I will post the code i made:

I made this code to:
1) Run a input validation of only numbers.
2) use double true vlookups to search the desired data.

i make it with performance as a target, because i want to create the program as optimal as can be. The result is more fast that the .Find method, but only for Miliseconds, my real question is: Is this approach the right one, or maybe exist other form more faster?

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In case of performance (if you want to be super efficient), as you are running this from VBA anyway, it would (probably) be faster to build a Dictionary of the LOOKUP table.

Then when you want to lookup values it should be pretty quick. Look for my VLOOKUP procedure in the VLOOKUP vs INDEX MATCH post.

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