Vbs won’t launch ‘1234_1.xls!RunForVBA’

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Dear Sir, I first want to congratulate you for all the awesome work.
I am trying to make your VBA multithreading tool work. I was very impressed by the code.
However I have a bug at one stage, that I don’t explain myself.

After creating the xls and the vbs, the program tries to launch the VBS via the instruction
wsh.Run """" & sFileName & """"

However, at this stage the VBS isn’t able to trigger the RunForVBA macro in the phantom workbook

I tried several stuff, trying to swap everything to xlsm. I verified that the VBA project is accepted in the macro options.

I would therefore be very grateful for any clue about this issue.



Hi Damrick, great! Yes the VBA Multithreading Tool has some overhead indeed.

Read more here about how VBA Multithreading compares against other multithreading capabilties like VBscript and C#.NET.

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