VBAMultiThread Not Appearing in Excel 2016 Ribbon

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I’ve downloaded and installed your VBAMultiThreading tool and installed it in accordance with the instructions at https://analystcave.com/excel-tools/excel-vba-multithreading-addin/. I’ve checked that it is selected in Add-Ins – it is.

However, the above referenced Add-in installation (step 2) instructions state that a new Ribbon tab should appear on starting Excel, but it’s not appearing in my Excel 2016 Pro (64 bit) Ribbon.

I note my other add-ins are *.xlam rather than *.xla. Is this the issue?

Or am I missing something along the way?

Thanks in anticipation.


1 Since posting the above I’ve been trying to run the examples in the VBAMultiThreadingAddIn.xla file and MalWareBytes kills the Excel session with the following report:

2 When I copy the example code from the VBAMultiThreadingAddIn.xla to a new workbook and try to run it it stalls with a VBA Error:

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