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Hello AnalystCave,

I’ve recently installed the 32bit VBA compiler and I am unable to see the compiler ribbon ? I understand in a previous post you have indicated to re-download the 32 bits version because it was broken ? Was it fixed ?

Can you help ? I am using a 32bits excel 2010 version




I have a question regarding the VBA codes.
I want to copy data “specific columns” from open excel file (excel file is attachment in outlook – Name of the file in outlook attachment looks like: 20171011__GAMA_Programi i aprovuar.xlsx and changes everyday ) and to paste transpose them into another workbook on my PC.
How can I do this automatically with VBA macro (codes) by one Button taking into account changes of the file name everyday( (without changing manually the name of the attached file).
I appreciate your help.
Best regards


Hi Luc,

unfortunately seems like some versions of Excel don’t support the VBA Compiler for unknown reasons. At this time I don’t have the capacity to do a deep dive into the issue resolution.

I might however be posting the source code soon enough.

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Hi AnalystCave, I’ve tried to download the vbacompiler add-in but the links don’t work and point to the same page (both 32 & 64 versions) . I would like to check them out for a project I am working on. Could you place them back on? Any update on sharing the source code with the community? Let us know. Thanks for your contributions to all of us in the Excel VBA community. Best, Ivockay


I tried both Win7 64/32 and Office 2013/2016 32/64. Its not working(


Hello AnalystCave,

which version supports?

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