VBA Compiler

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Hello AnalystCave,

I’ve recently installed the 32bit VBA compiler and I am unable to see the compiler ribbon ? I understand in a previous post you have indicated to re-download the 32 bits version because it was broken ? Was it fixed ?

Can you help ? I am using a 32bits excel 2010 version




I have a question regarding the VBA codes.
I want to copy data “specific columns” from open excel file (excel file is attachment in outlook – Name of the file in outlook attachment looks like: 20171011__GAMA_Programi i aprovuar.xlsx and changes everyday ) and to paste transpose them into another workbook on my PC.
How can I do this automatically with VBA macro (codes) by one Button taking into account changes of the file name everyday( (without changing manually the name of the attached file).
I appreciate your help.
Best regards


Hi Luc,

unfortunately seems like some versions of Excel don’t support the VBA Compiler for unknown reasons. At this time I don’t have the capacity to do a deep dive into the issue resolution.

I might however be posting the source code soon enough.


I tried both Win7 64/32 and Office 2013/2016 32/64. Its not working(


Hello AnalystCave,

which version supports?