VBA Compiler Add-In is not install or not start

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Hello. 64bit VBA Compiler Add-In is not install in 64 bit Office 2007,2010,2013. The 32 bit version is seen in Add-In COM, but it does not start. What can I do to fix this, or what versions to use.


Very same problem, but here on 32bit Excel in 32bit Office 365, running on Windows 10 64Bit (fast insider path). The COM addin throws a runtime Error on loading. Is there any log output the see more about the cause of the problem?


I am in process of validating why the VBA Compiler has stopped working on many platforms. In case you have purchased the VBA Compiler Kit – please send me an email and I will obviously refund you. – see Contact page

I believe the problem is that the ildasm and ilasm (decompiler and compiler) has stopped properly reason. I am considering simply posting the source code on Github in case any of you would be interested in branching this project.

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Same issue here – I’d be very keen to see the source code though if you’re considering posting it, and I can take a look at branching it (with your permission!)


Same here: Win 10 or Win 7, Excel 2010 32 Bit, 32 Bit VBA Compiler. Doesn’t Startup. Runtime Error during start….

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