Stick with VBA or move on?

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Hi all – new here :)

I have been researching how I can deploy an Excel workbook as I have worked with VBA in the past but also with WPF and – I find WPF much more flexible than winforms and offers me a lot more -my issue is that I need to have no deployment activity – I work in a large IT company and it is not feasible to rollout a useful office macro enabled app via an installer – which it seems I need to do if I use WPF + VSTO etc.
What I need to do is just be able to share out an excel/word file that has everything encapsulated within it – just like VBA does :)
My problem is I love the extra WPF form controls etc. compared to the base VBA Winform controls. Are there Winform equivalents (Free) that will help organize layouts etc? A key for me is flow control so I can hide irrelevant questions – think of a survey style app.
Am I right in thinking Microsoft are pushing a deployment model as opposed to being able to simply share an office doc with VBA?

What option should I pursue? Stick with VBA and keep it all to a file or more to a more advanced option which need compiling and deployment? (Likely not going to work as IT will block so many things)

Any advice is appreciated.


I think you need to skew into one of 3 directions:

1. Keeping the solution simple in an Excel Workbook with VBA at most. You can share it via SharePoint
2. Writing an E2E .NET solution (no Excel). Just WPF + .NET
3. Writing a Intranet Web App (e.g. ASP.NET MVC) with back-end OpenXML / Excel Interop if needed, although not suggested

I think you should consider 1 or 3. But simply sharing the file via SharePoint (SharePoint Excel Services) should be enough. I see that it is better to start simple – Excel + VBA and then move to a full blown Web App when your solution is big and complex enough.

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