RegEx-implemation not working on Mac/Office11 (RegexExample.xlsm)?

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Excel Regex Tutorial (Regular Expressions)

Hey Scripters,
i dont have any expirience in Excel, but I do script InDesign. And I need a RegEx in Excel, and found your brilliant guide. Im fiddeling around with another code snippet and yet I dont get any of these to work.
I guess it can have something to do with my crappy MacOS (10.12.6) Office 2011 (v14.7.7 b170905), because I assume your “RegexExample.xlsm” is flawless.

My Excel keeps showing: #VALUE! …where the Output is.

Strange thing is: The Quicklook-Feature from MacOS does show this:

which should be the real thing.
So, which kind of noobish (Excel-)mistake am I making here?

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Hi Fritz sorry for late reply but indeed almost all examples that use system objects or Excel libraries only supported on Windows – will not work on Mac.

In general I do not recommend creating advanced VBA scripts on a Mac.

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Simply the best place to learn Excel VBA