Progress bar question

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Hi there,
I purchase your VBA Time Saver kit when I saw that it included the Progress Bar feature. I wanted to start using progress bars in my projects on a more regular basis.
However, I found that there’s no usage documentation with the download. And while I can pretty much follow VBA code and make adjustments for my specific cases I don’t really know how to use your Progress Bar effectively. I am assuming that I need to place my main code inside the AddProgress routine but not sure exactly where. It would have nice to have a little comment to let us know where exactly we can insert our code in the midst of the Progress Bar coding. I went back to your website thinking that there probably was some type of documentation available related to the kit but I couldn’t find anything.
Please advise.


Hi Aristides,

there is an example of how to use the Progress Bar in the Kit – there is a working example. I see you point however. Thanks for the feedback – next version will have more documentation. Feel free to send me an email if you need specific help in using it!

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