MultiGetDistance Can you skip locations with no valid adress?

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Hi There,
thanks for the great GetDistance and MultiGestDistance functions. I have set up a spreadsheet where users can fill in up to 4 locations for one trip. For example I enter A1 “Paris”, B1 “London”, C1 “New York”, D1 “Tokio” and E1 will contain =MultiGetDistance(A1;B1;C1;D1)/1000. That works fine as long as A1:D1 will all hold valid locations. But if a trip will only have 2 locations and C1 and D1 stay blank it does not work anymore. I suppose it should be possible to skip a “faulty” argument in the MultiGestDistance function, but I cant figure out how to do it. Could you please help me out?

Thanks, Michael

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