Is VBA Cheat Sheet VBA or VB.Net?

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Reason I ask is that I downloaded the VBA Progress Bar for use in an MS Access Project but when I unpacked it I see that it is a VB.Net Form.

I can open it in Visual Studio and can see the (rather nice) VB.Net code and I might have a go at converting it “back” to VBA if there is not a pure VBA Progress Bar somewhere that I missed.

I’ll be happy to buy the Cheat Sheet if it really is mostly pure VBA but would otherwise not spend the time to convert stuff stuff “back” to VBA.

Happy for any feedback….




Hi Bill, not sure which tool you are referring to. The VBA Cheat Sheet is a web page with a collection of different VBA/VB.NET posts. The VBA Time Saver is a collection of VBA code snippets.

Could you share the link to the source you are referring to?

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Thanks…Yes… of course I meant the VBA Time Saver…. Too much coffee & not enough sleep.. Cheers, Bill.

Tom (AnalystCave)

Hi Will, the VBA Time Saver is 100% VBA. The User Form is also a VBA form but obviously you can easily open this in Visual Studio. The Progress Bar however can be imported into any VBA Project Model (Excel, Access) – simply import the frm and frx file. Just right click in the left “Project – VBA Project” window and select “Import file…”. Let me know it works

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