IE upload FILE

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Hi. first of all. I admire yout Multithreading tool. Good job.

I triyng to upload a file in IE with vba. but te code doesn’t run beacuse i need to close the add window to enable the code continue runnig. So i thought i can use your multithreading tool to call 2 macros. One will open the upload window and the other will wait till the upload window is open and then send the file. It has sense i think. But when i proved it the Windows scripts says that there is a problems with the arguments (i used the asyncrone one modified for my own macros) and i verified it a lot of time but the arguments seems correct. the main is called principal an the two sub (subir and hello), Thanks a lot

Tom (AnalystCave)

Hi Ricardo you need to be more specific about the line of code raising errors. Frankly from my experience FindWindow is not reliable. Use SendKeys instead. It is possible to simulate any keyboard sequence (you can even input a file path translating characters into keyboard strikes). I know this is primitive but reliable. The other solution would be an analysis of the Network traffic to see if you can leverage traffic with the XMLHttpObject instead

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