Excel Webscrapper addin not working in Excel 2010 on Windows 10 64 bits

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When I try to activate the add-in using the add-in button in the developer ribbon, I receive the msg “Could not load an object because it is not available on this machine”. So, I did download mscomctl.ocx. But when I wanted to copy it in the C:\Windows\SysWow64 dir, Windows warned I was trying to overwrite an existing file. Not a good idea, I think.

So, I deduce your webscrapper addin is not compatible with Windows 10, or what. Can you help me, I am so thrilled to start using your tool !

Thanks a lot,


Hi Jean-Pierre,
thanks Jean-Pierre for confirming. The version is not 64-bit specific but simply the RefEdit control has been removed as it referenced a Windows DLL. Now there are no controls referencing Windows DLLs hence the AddIn should work fine.

I hope this solves the issue, hence I am marking this Question as solved.

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Hi Jean-Pierre,
thanks for your feedback. The version I uploaded should now work both on 64 and 32 bit environments.

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Hi Jean-Pierre,

I think it has to do with the RefEdit control I was using in the Scrape Tool. I removed it and posted a new version of the AddIn. Download it from the download section:
Excel Scrape HTML AddIn

Let me know if it works or keeps throwing error messages. If it throws error messages try opening it and seeing if any particular UserForm or Module throws these errors and let me know.

Unfortuntately I don’t have Excel 64 bit hence can only adjust on my own assumptions.

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