Excel Translator Addin English to Chinese returns pinyin, not Chinese characters

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When I use the Excel translation add-in to translate from English to Chinese, the output is not Chinese characters, but pinyin spelling of the Chinese.

Example: Say hello to me = Duì wǒ hào wèn, but I want to see 对我好问

Have others observed this and do you know if it’s a function of your add-in or if there’s an Excel setting I need to change? Otherwise, love this add-in, very useful.

edited answer

Hi Christa thank you for your feedback. Indeed there is currently no way to het the chinese character response. However the add in simply interacts with Google Translate and Google does return 2 responses – first is the arabic character response and the other is the original chinese character response. It is simply the add in the scrapes only the 1 response. To get chinese characters it is need to modify the Regex that does the scraping e.g.

This is the Google response to translating Hello to Chinese:

From this page you need to adjust the Regex in the TextTranslate sub to scrape this DIV:
<div dir="ltr" class="t0">你好</div>
Instead of this one:
<div dir="ltr" class="o1">Nǐ hǎo</div>

I will add this to my backlog to add another translate option that would address this but can’t promise any dates at this time.

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Hi there? I’m also waiting for this useful modification… Any news, please?

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