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Hi Cave, great Job on your site!

I would ask about if it’s possible with your tools, recover daily tables from this site: and put on excel spreadsheets.

My problem is that there are 3 combobox:

Type: American options
Expiration: Jun 2016
Trade date: Friday, 26 May 2016

When change values in this combobox the table in the bottom obviously change.

How can capture all tables for every choices?

Thx in advance

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These are your GET params:

For first link:

Second link:

Just play with all configurations to learn how to set these values in the URL. You can download the results to Excel using HTTP Requests (see link below). Use Regex to extract data:

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Hi Massimiliano,

for this page it is very easy indeed. Just look that the GET Params of the Web Page change, when you change any of the combo boxes. All you need to do is save all the GET Params alternative values and you can swap the values in the URL of the Web Page.

All you need to do is check how best to scrape the results – if a simple HTTP Request will do or if you need to do Browser scraping.

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