Different problems with scrapeHTMLaddin

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– paying user: Purchase Receipt to knut????@gmail .com_30.03.17

Windows 10 /64bit professional german version – Excel 2010/32 bit german version

What is working:

Regex-Tester + scrape-html-tool

What is not working:

insert function + cache settings + automated updating + help


1.) When starting Excel after installation of ScrapeHTMLAddIn.xlam I get the following error:

Microsoft-Formulare ( Microsoft form )

Ein Objekt konnte nicht geladen werden, da es auf dem Computer nicht verfügbar ist

(an object couldnt be loaded because it not avalilable on your pc)

It is clearly related to "scrapeHTMLaddin" because the error doesnt appear after deactivating “scrapeHTMLaddin”

2.) Laufzeitfehler 94 / Unzulässige Verwendung von Null

runtime error 94 / forbidden use of Null (zero)

3.) cache setting doesnt work

4.) Laufzeitfehler 424 / Objekt erforderlich
runtime error 424 / object necessary

5.) automating updating problem:

runtime error -2146697211 (800c0005)
internet server or proxy not found

6.) the help doesnt work

here the problem is that ShowHelp refers to an old link which doesn`t exist anymore ( blog.tkacprow.pl/excel…..)

Thanks in advance !

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