Calculate Distance Between Two Addresses on Excel (File upload)

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Calculate the travel distance (& duration) between a table of From and To addresses. You need to provide and upload an Excel file as input (see instructions below). Processing is automated and you should receive a download link within minutes of upload. Current limit is 10’000 rows.

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Calculate the distance between two addresses (including duration). The file needs to include From and To addresses. Read below Instructions section for more details. The service will automatically calculate the distances between each pair of 2 addresses and you will receive a download link to the file. The service can process up to 10’000 addresses within a single file.

  • Calculate distance and travel duration
  • Configurable – You can choose whether you want Driving, Transit, Bike or Walking distance
  • Based on Google API – the service uses Google Maps to calculate the distance between each pair of addresses you provide in a row in your Excel file

  • Get your results within minutes! – the service will upload your file and immediately run in the background to get it processed. You can expect the results sent to you via email (download link) within minutes!

  • Excel input – Simple usage by upload of an Excel with From and To addresses and you will get the file extended with Distance (meters) and Duration (seconds) per Google Maps


Download Template
  1. Download the template above or follow the same structure. The service accepts only Excel files of “XLSX” extension. To be sure you are using the correct format it is suggested to use the above template. There can be only a single worksheet in the file
  2. Upload your Excel file using the Upload XLSX File button above to upload the file
  3. Choose Buy Now or the presented payment options
  4. Once paid, the file will be processed and you will receive an email with the file

For more details on the template columns see below:

Field Description
Origin The From address
Destination The To address
Travel Mode An optional parameter (driving assumed by default). Your can provide one of 4 options to get distances and travel durations by different modes of transport. Different travel modes can have different routes (as seen on Google Maps):

  • Driving
  • Bicycling
  • Transit
  • Walking


Currently within a single upload you can only calculate up to 10’000 pairs of addresses in a single uploaded file. All addresses are assumed to be in English (expect language selection as a future extension).


The service runs usually within a few minutes. In case of any issues please submit your queries to analystcave(at)