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The Ultimate Excel VBA Tutorial

Welcome to the ultimate Excel VBA Tutorial (Visual Basic for Applications)! You will walk the journey from being an VBA Zero to becoming an VBA Hero. This VBA tutorial is not aimed only at teaching you how to write VBA macros in Excelit’s a general introduction to VBA. However, some sections as you will notice are indeed aimed at Excel (e.g. the Workbooks and Worksheets section).

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Visual Basic Editor Tutorial

Enabling the Developer tab in Excel. Learn about the VBE Developer environment.

How to Record Macros

Enabling the Developer tab in Excel. Learn about the VBE Developer environment.

How to Debug VBA

How to debug VBA code? Understand what it means to debug VBA code and what tools you need to be familiar with to debug like a VBA Pro!

VBA Functions and Procedures

To execute VBA Code you in fact need to execute a VBA Sub (procedure). Learn the basics of VBA Subs as well as how they are different from VBA Functions.

VBA Variables

In order to process data you need to store it somewhere. In this tutorial you will learn how to use the VBA Dim statement to declare VBA Variables and all Data Types available in VBA (strings, numbers etc.).

VBA Conditions – If…Else

Making decisions is hard, but a must in programming. The VBA If…Then…Else statement is a basic conditional statement for making simple boolean decisions in your VBA code.

VBA Select Case

The VBA If statement is great for writing several conditions. In some cases, however, there is a need to enumerate many scenarios based on values of specific variables. The VBA Select Case statement saves a lot of time compared to VBA If.

Using VBA Loops: For, ForEach

VBA For loops are necessary for running a scope of code several times, enumerating through tables or running code in a simple loop.

Using VBA Loops: Do While, Do Until

VBA For loops allow you to run a loop for a specific amount of iterations. For cases when a loops needs to be run until a condition is met (Do Until) or needs to run while a condition is met (Do While), read the tutorial.

Excel VBA Range

Learn how to change values of cells in Excel, change the format of an Excel Range etc. Go to the tutorial to learn everything of how to interact in your VBA Macro with an Excel worksheet.

Excel Cells Formatting

Learn in this tutorial to format Excel cells – change their size, background color, borders, style and more.

VBA UserForm

UserForms allow you to create you own pop-up windows for users to interact with, similar to Message Boxes.

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