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VBA Substring vs Excel Substring – How to get a Substring in Excel?

Strings are not easy to manipulate and often we need to create a Excel Substring or VBA Substring. Excel and VBA in fact have multiple functions that support obtaining substrings. VBA Strings Manipulations Resources VBA SubString VBA InStr / InStrRev VBA Like Operator (Wildcards) VBA Regex VBA String Functions Excel vs VBA Substring functions In […]

VBA Function vs VBA Sub
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Excel VBA Function vs VBA Sub – Excel Functions and Procedures

A VBA Function can accept parameters and return results. Functions, however, can’t be executed directly. On the other hand a VBA Sub procedure can be executed directly and can also accept parameters. Procedures, however, do not return values. We often use Subs and Functions often not thinking about their true potential and how much we […]