VBA Compiler Add-In is not install or not start [Solved]

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Hello. 64bit VBA Compiler Add-In is not install in 64 bit Office 2007,2010,2013. The 32 bit version is seen in Add-In COM, but it does not start. What can I do to fix this, or what versions to use.


I am in process of validating why the VBA Compiler has stopped working on many platforms. In case you have purchased the VBA Compiler Kit – please send me an email and I will obviously refund you. – see Contact page

I believe the problem is that the ildasm and ilasm (decompiler and compiler) has stopped properly reason. I am considering simply posting the source code on Github in case any of you would be interested in branching this project.


Same here: Win 10 or Win 7, Excel 2010 32 Bit, 32 Bit VBA Compiler. Doesn’t Startup. Runtime Error during start….

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