Excel Sql Addin error

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Hi sir,
I have downloaded Excel Sql Addin but I can not install it to Excel 2007, there is no new ribbon menu tab and I can not use it. It is ok with Excel 2016.
Please help me,my email: phamhoangthanhcg@gmail.com
Thank for your help.


Hi, unfortunately I don’t have any possibility of testing it in Excel 2007. I would go with Jim’s suggestion of putting the AddIn in the Roaming AddIns folder. Be sure to add user/Appdata/Roaming/Microsoft/AddIns in Excel to your Trusted Locations.


Hi, I just added that today and had no problem. I downloaded and added the file SQLAddIn.xlam to the microsoft AddIns under user/Appdata/Roaming/Microsoft/AddIns.

Hope it helps,


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