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Excel Camera Tool – create an Image snapshot in Excel

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Did you know you can use Excel to Image snapshots of your Excel spreadsheets ? Sure you can. What is more you can use this feature directly from VBA to achieve some impressive feats. Today we will learn how to use the Excel Camera Tool!

Excel Camera Tool

excel camera tool
Using the Excel Camera Tool
Let us start with exploring how to use the built-in Excel Camera Tool. The Excel Camera Tool is a button that let’s you create an image snapshot of any region of your Excel spreadsheet.

To use the Excel Camera Tool all you need to do is:

  1. Select an Excel Range

  2. Click on the Camera Tool Icon

  3. Click on any place in your Excel Worksheet

Add Excel Camera Tool Icon

Adding the Excel Camera Tool to your Quick Access Toolbar is easy. Just follow the steps below:

Select the Customize Quick Access Toolbar icon

Click on the arrow show the Quick Access Toolbar menu.
add excel camera tool
Next click More commands.

Browser Commands not in the toolbar

From the Choose commands from: menu select Commands not in the toolbar.
add excel camera tool
Now you should see an item called Camera in the list of Commands.

Add the Camera Tool

Now select Camera and hit the Add button to add the Camera tool to your Quick Access Toolbar.
add excel camera tool
Now you should see the Excel Camera Tool Icon in your Quick Access Toolbar:
excel camera tool.

Use Excel Camera Tool in VBA

The Camera Tool is very useful in your everyday work when you need to copy part of your Workbook as an Image i.e. send an image snapshot of an Excel Worksheet or Chart. Fortunately there is also an easy way to use it in VBA:

An example of how the macro works below:
excel camera vba
Nice huh? Well this is the beginning of things you can do. There are lot of cool ideas you can use this feature to:

  • Send image snapshot of Excel Worksheet via Email
  • Save Excel Workbook as static image – replace each Worksheet with a static Image to protect your formulas and calculations

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4 thoughts on “Excel Camera Tool – create an Image snapshot in Excel”

  1. To add to your post :

    Your sample code above pastes a static image which is exactly what I was looking for right now. I did however find other posts while searching how to use the camera tool that post linked images, so if your source cells change, the linked image updates accordingly. This also has its uses. If I may, some sample code is shown below. (I’m not sure if I should be posting VBA code in a certain way to make it more usable.)

    Sub TestPasteACameraPicture()
    ‘this one pastes a linked picture
    ActiveSheet.Pictures.Paste Link:=True
    Application.CutCopyMode = False
    End Sub

    Now go and change something in the live cells at the top of your sheet (in this case in the range “A6:L14”) and watch the picture update itself. I need to delve into the Excel help, but in your blog, you use a “CopyPicture” method, whereas in the example I quoted, they are using a normal “Copy” method. You used a “PasteSpecial” method whereas the above example uses the simple “Paste” method.

    Interesting . . .

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